Somalia livestock Investment Forum

Cultivating endless Investment opportunities in Somalia`s livestock Industry

Why Attend ?

Participate actively in this forum to shape Somalia’s livestock industry’s future. Your insights and collaboration can foster economic growth, job creation, and better livelihoods. By sharing expertise, innovative solutions can be developed for sustainable practices, disease control, and improved market access. Your contributions can empower local communities and farmers, driving economic resilience. Your involvement directly influences industry policies and strategies, guiding its trajectory. Be a catalyst for progress, steering the livestock sector towards a brighter future. Join forces with fellow participants to make impactful changes through collective efforts.

Industry Insights

Gain valuable insights into the current state, trends, and potential of the Somali livestock industry through presentations and discussions.

Investment Opportunities

Discover promising investment prospects within the livestock sector through panel discussions and expert presentations.


Connect with industry professionals, stakeholders, and potential partners during networking sessions, fostering collaboration and partnerships.

Policy Understanding

Understand the latest policies, regulations, and challenges impacting the industry, aiding informed decision-making.

Capacity Building

Benefit from training sessions and interactive workshops to enhance your skills and expertise in the livestock domain.

Expert Engagement

Interact with stakeholders and experts, learning from their experiences and gaining valuable knowledge for industry advancement.

Join Us at the Somalia Livestock and Investment Forum!

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Don't miss out on the opportunity

Join us as we work together to unlock the immense potential of Somalia’s livestock sector. See you at the forum!

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